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Slow flow yogaLiving from the Heart Retreat

October 7-11 * January 13-17 * March 9-13

Immerse yourself in a slice of paradise on magical Lake Atitlan in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala for a week of yoga, creativity, community and culture! Clarify your vision, purpose and truth by tapping your creative flow and inspiring new growth.

Sacred Lake Atitlan is a magical place for healing, growing and incubating dreams. Walking the path of beauty, we are ever grateful to the magic miracle of life happening now. We realize that every moment we have the choice to open, expand, heal and grow. We learn to live from the heart. We dedicate the merits of our heart-centered actions to the benefit to all beings without exception.


In an intimate group setting, through the shared group practices of yoga, breathing, meditation, relaxation, and tuning in, we will align with our heart’s deepest desires and watch our unique purpose for being on the planet unfold.

The yoga style we’ll practice is called slow flow — a mix of hatha yoga, mindful vinyasa flow, and yin yoga. The sessions also incorporate breathing practices, meditation and chanting/toning at the end of the class, along with a 20-minute writing period  and finally, guided relaxation at the end with sound healing using crystal bowls, Tibetan bowl and gong.

Open to all levels from novice to expert. Take home healthy habits and empowering practices that will enhance your personal well being and nurture your intuitive intelligence.

Villa Sumaya retreat center is a terrific space for transformation featuring lush gardens, amazing temple spaces, a full-service spa and a restaurant serving delectable vegetarian meals.

For more info or to sign up, connect with Michelle!

59903070_10161770277150123_384331806998003712_oAbout the Teacher

Michelle Margaret Fajkus is a heart-centered teacher, writer and friend. She has been joyfully teaching yoga since 2002 and has led yoga and mindfulness retreats in Guatemala since 2010. Michelle’s classes are for all levels, ages and body types. Learn more about Michelle.

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