Writing Coaching

  • Are you a writer looking to break through excuses and show up at the page?
  • Would you like to explore creating a self-reflective journaling or writing practice?
  • Are you interested in creating compelling, salable blog posts, articles, essays or poetry? 
  • Would you benefit from writing guidance and customized practices to boost your creativity, effectiveness and follow through?

Join Michelle for a heart-opening writing session to help clarify your vision, purpose and truth by tapping your creative flow. Together you will identify potent resources to promote your personal writing practice with concentration, balance and creativity. Michelle will share her inspiring guidance as well as meditations, mindfulness exercises and writing prompts. The session includes several short writing periods and ample time for reflection and feedback. 

You’ll choose the focus from any or all of the choices below:

  • Tackling writer’s block 
  • Finding the courage and support to pursue the practices of writing and journaling as a path to self-discovery, either at the amateur or professional level
  • Working with writing prompts to unblock and activate the 7 chakras (energy centers) as a way to access radiant well-being

Michelle specializes in writing blog posts and articles for the wellness industry, as well as personal essays and poetry. She incorporates yogic tools and chakra balancing techniques into creative practice. She’ll draw upon her professional copywriting, blogging and editing experience and deep love of writing and yoga to co-create a life-enhancing session with you.  

This is a 90-minute virtual session. As personalized feedback, you may choose one of the following options: 

  • Receive a 6-page “homework assignment” by email that will detail additional personalized writing prompts, as well as yoga and breathing exercises and inspiring wisdom quotes to support your daily writing routine.
  • Workshop a piece of writing (500–2000 words long) that you complete prior to the session. Michelle will provide valuable feedback and recommendations for your revision process.

Sign up for a session!

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