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1606 Oakridge Drive

I'm feeling the nostalgia big time. Grieving a place. I'm happy for my parents and their new (to them), bigger house (with a pool) near Canyon Lake, TX, just an 80-mile drive from their old house (my house) where they'd lived since 1989, in the city of Round Rock. Yet I'm mourning the fact that… Continue reading 1606 Oakridge Drive

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This I Believe (2019)

I believe in words. I believe in magic. I believe in the sky, the sun and the moon. I believe in the earth. I believe in nature. I believe in sacred air. I believe in sacred fire and stars. I believe in sacred water. I believe in deep breath. I believe in Buddha. I believe… Continue reading This I Believe (2019)

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On August 6, 2009, I boarded a plane in my hometown, Austin, Texas, and took a flight into the unknown. Destination: Guatemala. I was 29. Ten years prior, the international travel bug had bitten. At age 19, prompted by my irrational fear that Y2K would cause global chaos and planes would fall out of the… Continue reading Landing

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Revolutionize Your Relationship…

... to relationship. We are conditioned to think that "relationship" means, above all, romance. the One Soul mate life partner happier ever after thing the love/marriage relationship on a pedestal above all else We are conditioned to believe that Relationships can be sinked (sunk) can be compartmentalized into convenient boxes: partner, kids, family, friends, acquaintances,… Continue reading Revolutionize Your Relationship…


Big Magic ~ 12 Inspiring Quotes for Creatives

Elizabeth Gilbert is utterly honest, open, blunt and inspiring in her latest book, Big Magic. Here are some of my favorite quotes: "Just because creativity is mystical doesn't mean it shouldn't also be demystified—especially if it means liberating artists from the confines of their own grandiosity, panic and ego." ~ Elizabeth Gilbert "You must keep… Continue reading Big Magic ~ 12 Inspiring Quotes for Creatives