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Slow Flow Yoga & Writing Retreat: March 2020

Immerse yourself for a week in a safe space for growth and healing, surrounded by the spectacular beauty of nature and the potent energy of an established retreat center specializing in deep practice. Yogis of all shapes, sizes, experience levels and genders are invited. Slow flow doesn't necessarily mean easy, it means moving in a… Continue reading Slow Flow Yoga & Writing Retreat: March 2020

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This I Believe (2019)

I believe in words. I believe in magic. I believe in the sky, the sun and the moon. I believe in the earth. I believe in nature. I believe in sacred air. I believe in sacred fire and stars. I believe in sacred water. I believe in deep breath. I believe in Buddha. I believe… Continue reading This I Believe (2019)

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The trecena of Ix: 13 days of earth magic

Feel the energy from the sky coming down into your heart on the exhale. Feel the energy of the earth coming up into your heart with each inhale. Feel where your body connects to the ground, to Mother Earth. Notice sensations in the physical body. Listen to the sounds all around: your breath, the breeze,… Continue reading The trecena of Ix: 13 days of earth magic

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Fall Yoga & Writing Retreat!

We'll get together, sit in a circle, breathe and stretch our bodies and imaginations. We'll share sacred space in this magical, mystical Mayan heartland. We'll write and let our streams of consciousness flow. We'll consume delicious, healthy, love-filled foods and drinks. We'll gather for ceremony, for practice, for synergy, for personal and collective growth and… Continue reading Fall Yoga & Writing Retreat!

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Summer Moon, Stars & Sun

Nineteen years ago, I was 2O. And depressed about it. The simple fact of my birthday launched me into my first bout of "clinical" [i.e. serious, prolonged and intense] depression. It was not to be the last. Stuck in the gray quicksand of despondency, shell shocked after so many years of being sheltered, shepherded and… Continue reading Summer Moon, Stars & Sun

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Life, Death & Turning 39

I'm turning 39 at the end of the month. 39 is not that old. 39 is ancient. It's all a matter of perspective. For whatever reason, I clearly remember my dad's 39th birthday. I remember the yellow light in the kitchen, the German Chocolate cake my mom baked from scratch, my brother and sister and… Continue reading Life, Death & Turning 39