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The Sun Will Come Out

I am not black.I am not white.I am not Hispanic.I am not Chicana.I am not Catholic.I am not Christian.I am not Buddhist.I am not Muslim.I am not Jewish.I am not American.I am not a yogi.I am not a writer.I am not 40.I am not Asian.I am not Indigenous.Except aren't we all, ultimately? Indigenous?Except aren't we… Continue reading The Sun Will Come Out

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I am Nature

Nature as a reflection of our inherent nature. I am the yellow cornfield. I am the vast sky. I am the green gray clouds of a storm brewing on an April morning. I am the third eye of the hurricane. I am the bucking tornado. I am the temblor. I am the wave that pulls… Continue reading I am Nature

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The Kej trecena: 13 days of natural power

Today is 1 Kej (deer). The next 13 days are embued with the energy of Kej, the wilderness, the four directions, the spiritual leader, humility, respect, power and  much more. Autumn equinox Fall Change apparent The gradual darkening into shorter days, longer nights The crunch and color of leaves underfoot The trees let them go,… Continue reading The Kej trecena: 13 days of natural power

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Digital Detoxing: Why & How

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com I’m grateful that I grew up without a phone in my pocket.   Life before the internet, social media, email, or apps galore was slower and more simple. Gratification was less instant. Photos had to be developed to be seen. Phones were plugged into the wall.   Today, it seems… Continue reading Digital Detoxing: Why & How

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Please quit working for the weekend.

My life has radically, gradually changed in the past ten years. Radical change takes its precious time. It happens a little bit every day. I am immeasurably more free than I was a decade ago, in many aspects. I still have a lot of work to do, lifetimes of it. I used to drive a… Continue reading Please quit working for the weekend.