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How to Retreat

We're in a "state of emergency"; lock down the planet, no one gets out alive; we're all gonna die! Coronavirus slash COVID-19 panic and fear are dominating the airwaves 24/7. Everything is changing. all the time, and always has, and now humanity is being forced to slow down and ground. To separate and unite, somehow.… Continue reading How to Retreat

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Peace amidst the Panic

Take three deep breaths. Let's allow ourselves to fully arrive, in this moment, in this place: in our homes, on Mother Earth. Here, the birds are chirping, the woodpecker is pecking, the dogs are barking as usual. I have informed myself on the happenings of the world as much as I wish to for the… Continue reading Peace amidst the Panic

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Things I Have Learned

I have learned that it's OK to feel whatever I feel. I have learned that it's better to follow my intuition than to ignore or doubt it. I have learned that living close to the Earth gives me the greatest sense of joy and gratitude. I have learned that learning is a nonstop, lifelong process.… Continue reading Things I Have Learned

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I am Nature

Nature as a reflection of our inherent nature. I am the yellow cornfield. I am the vast sky. I am the green gray clouds of a storm brewing on an April morning. I am the third eye of the hurricane. I am the bucking tornado. I am the temblor. I am the wave that pulls… Continue reading I am Nature

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4 Intention Cards for 2020

Reposted from Elephant Journal (Read full post) 1. Winter (January, February, March): The Empress Earth Mother, thank you for giving us all that you give. Balanced red root chakra, may we feel safe and secure. May we be fully who we are. May we learn to hold onto things less tightly. To have more patience… Continue reading 4 Intention Cards for 2020

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How to Take a Stand against Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. We must take urgent action to cut global emissions in half by 2030 and eliminate them by 2050. This demands the phasing out of fossil fuel emissions, along with adopting efficient, renewable energies. Achieving net-zero carbon emissions won’t be easy, but it is still possible. It will require the… Continue reading How to Take a Stand against Climate Change