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Quiet Time

Blues and purples.Green season.A girl and her bubbles, paint and homemade play dough.Quiet days on the mountainside.Contentment.Hermitage.Casa de Yin Yang.Hanging out at home. Working at home. Playing at home.Restrictions are loosening. Curfew shortened. (But there is still a 9pm curfew.)Rules not enforced. Laws not followed.Emotions, feelings, moods, attitudes.Knowing the difference.Recognizing them for what they are.… Continue reading Quiet Time

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Feliz día de la Mamá

Read the full post on Elephant Journal. Sweet Messages for your Mama Instead of sending a generic store-bought card, create a homemade card, or send her a heartfelt email. Include something sentimental, like these cute pictures of animal moms with their young, a favorite poem or one of these lovely wisdom quotes on motherhood: “There is no… Continue reading Feliz día de la Mamá

Michelle's Memoir, New Paradigm in Practice

Something for your Mind

15 years ago today, I lost my mind. Yes, 2005 was fifteen years ago. Nervous breakdown; manic episode; pursued by police; committed to the state psychiatric hospital. Long story short. I've written about it extensively over the years, to process, to attempt to understand, to remember, to document. There are lots of things I don't… Continue reading Something for your Mind

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You need Yoga Nidra {Guided Deep Relaxation}

Yoga Nidra, the “sleep of the yogis,” is a powerful meditation practice. It’s an awesomely relaxing yogic power nap. Here’s how to do it: Lie down on your back in savasana, corpse pose. Take a few deep inhales and exhale loudly through the mouth. Let your body and mind relax. (It’s often said that savasana… Continue reading You need Yoga Nidra {Guided Deep Relaxation}

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How to Retreat

We're in a "state of emergency"; lock down the planet, no one gets out alive; we're all gonna die! Coronavirus slash COVID-19 panic and fear are dominating the airwaves 24/7. Everything is changing. all the time, and always has, and now humanity is being forced to slow down and ground. To separate and unite, somehow.… Continue reading How to Retreat

Michelle's Memoir, New Paradigm in Practice, Poetry, The New Story

Things I Have Learned

I have learned that it's OK to feel whatever I feel. I have learned that it's better to follow my intuition than to ignore or doubt it. I have learned that living close to the Earth gives me the greatest sense of joy and gratitude. I have learned that learning is a nonstop, lifelong process.… Continue reading Things I Have Learned