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How to Escape Your Life

Well, of course, you can't. But I did and many have, through one simple, powerful action. Leaving the country. Expats may "escape", consciously or unwittingly, from their day-to-day geography, but life is life and there is no actual escape. Life is work and play and everything else. Enough with the departmentalizing. Life is flowing all… Continue reading How to Escape Your Life

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How to get your groove back

Healing the 2nd Chakra Swadhisthana chakra is the Sanskrit name for our second energy center and translates to “sweetness” or “sacred home of the self.” Imagine your mind as still as water in a vast lake. Breathe in a long, deep breath of inspiration, then let the exhalation go naturally, easily. Repeat this technique for… Continue reading How to get your groove back

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It’s Okay to Feel.

{Originally published on Elephant Journal.} There is a common myth about meditation that it means always being calm and collected, never being upset, sad or freaked out. It’s simply not true. While meditation and mindfulness practices can help us become more tranquil, centered and patient, they do not eliminate difficult emotions. On the contrary, it… Continue reading It’s Okay to Feel.

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Welcome Back. (But not to school.)

Welcome back. 8 months ago, we set out to define (or at least describe) a new paradigm of learning. Each month, a new Tenet of EnlightenEd learning unfolded. Research, activities, resources and questions guided us through our own personal evolution from teachers in the school system to who we are now --- educators, learners and human beings. We intended,… Continue reading Welcome Back. (But not to school.)


Moving Meditations

Every Wednesday, rain or shine, a friend and I head into a forest to explore. Fortunately, in B.C., we don't have to travel far to find a new trail each week. And I'll admit even if we visit the same trail, it feels new each time because it is a new experience (and, well, because I often lose my sense… Continue reading Moving Meditations


Learning in Movement

“Before we were ignorant, but now we have learned about the reality of the world. About what mining means for our community — sickness, destruction of the environment, etc. We are learning in movement.” ~Guatemalan activist Felisa Muralles I knew almost nothing about Guatemala, its culture or history before moving here in 2009. I didn't… Continue reading Learning in Movement