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The Sun Will Come Out

I am not black.I am not white.I am not Hispanic.I am not Chicana.I am not Catholic.I am not Christian.I am not Buddhist.I am not Muslim.I am not Jewish.I am not American.I am not a yogi.I am not a writer.I am not 40.I am not Asian.I am not Indigenous.Except aren't we all, ultimately? Indigenous?Except aren't we… Continue reading The Sun Will Come Out

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A Better Adventure

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." ~Jimmy Dean What am I longing for? To inspiration to write a memoir of my thirties and the discipline to actually sit down and do it, day by day. What would it bring me? Connection with… Continue reading A Better Adventure

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The Chronology of Cuarentena

24 March. When will it end? I wonder though trying not to. Trying to be present. Being present. Two different things. 25 March. We all want to know: what does the future hold? There's a sense of nostalgia (for two weeks ago, a month ago, last year, childhoods of decades past). It's a time of… Continue reading The Chronology of Cuarentena

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Love in the time of Corona

Gracias a esta montañita Thanks be to this little mountain Verde bosquecito tranquilo Green tranquil little forest Gracias a mi familia por sus besos y abrazos Thanks be to my family for their kisses and hugs Where would I be without you? Not here Thank you, yoga and breath For anchoring me all these years… Continue reading Love in the time of Corona

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Metamorphasis Now

When a caterpillar enters its chrysalis, it dissolves itself, quite literally, into liquid. In this state, what was a caterpillar and will be a butterfly is neither one nor the other, it’s a sort of living soup. Within this living soup are the imaginal cells that will catalyse its transformation into winged maturity. May the… Continue reading Metamorphasis Now

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Things I Have Learned

I have learned that it's OK to feel whatever I feel. I have learned that it's better to follow my intuition than to ignore or doubt it. I have learned that living close to the Earth gives me the greatest sense of joy and gratitude. I have learned that learning is a nonstop, lifelong process.… Continue reading Things I Have Learned