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Quiet Time

Blues and purples.Green season.A girl and her bubbles, paint and homemade play dough.Quiet days on the mountainside.Contentment.Hermitage.Casa de Yin Yang.Hanging out at home. Working at home. Playing at home.Restrictions are loosening. Curfew shortened. (But there is still a 9pm curfew.)Rules not enforced. Laws not followed.Emotions, feelings, moods, attitudes.Knowing the difference.Recognizing them for what they are.… Continue reading Quiet Time

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The Sun Will Come Out

I am not black.I am not white.I am not Hispanic.I am not Chicana.I am not Catholic.I am not Christian.I am not Buddhist.I am not Muslim.I am not Jewish.I am not American.I am not a yogi.I am not a writer.I am not 40.I am not Asian.I am not Indigenous.Except aren't we all, ultimately? Indigenous?Except aren't we… Continue reading The Sun Will Come Out

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A Better Adventure

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." ~Jimmy Dean What am I longing for? To inspiration to write a memoir of my thirties and the discipline to actually sit down and do it, day by day. What would it bring me? Connection with… Continue reading A Better Adventure

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Feliz día de la Mamá

Read the full post on Elephant Journal. Sweet Messages for your Mama Instead of sending a generic store-bought card, create a homemade card, or send her a heartfelt email. Include something sentimental, like these cute pictures of animal moms with their young, a favorite poem or one of these lovely wisdom quotes on motherhood: “There is no… Continue reading Feliz día de la Mamá

The New Story

The Neverending Nuisances of Life

Yoga Freedom

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The ants are everywhere. Mosquitoes buzzing in our ears, flies of all sizes, scorpions scurrying out from dry hiding places, spider communities weaving condominiums of webs in the garden. It’s rainy season in Guatemala, and all our insect friends are seeking shelter.

Furthermore, we are all getting older with each passing moment. Aches and pains come with greater frequency. Just this week, I tripped on the stairs and twisted my ankle. It was sore for two days, immediately followed by the arrival of an intense stabbing sensation in my upper back that made me feel elderly, as it caused excruciating pain whenever I tried to reach for something or bend over. Gradually, it’s getting better, though the soreness is still there.

Do you ever have the feeling that “someday” — after you get through the current difficulty — life will be good again? Just…

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