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Why lay yourself on the torturer’s rack of the past and future? The mind that tries to shape tomorrow beyond its capacities will find no rest. ~ Rumi, That lives in us I am a planner (Hard as I've tried not to be. I adore calendars, plotting, projections, itineraries, goals.) And now there are no… Continue reading Inseparable

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Peace amidst the Panic

Take three deep breaths. Let's allow ourselves to fully arrive, in this moment, in this place: in our homes, on Mother Earth. Here, the birds are chirping, the woodpecker is pecking, the dogs are barking as usual. I have informed myself on the happenings of the world as much as I wish to for the… Continue reading Peace amidst the Panic

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39 Guidelines I Strive to Live By

[Read the original post on Elephant Journal.] Love your life. Follow your heart. Be present in each moment. Smile. Don’t take it personally. Do what makes you feel most alive. Laughter is the best medicine. Make plans but let go of attachments to them. Giggle at the cosmic joke. Accept the impermanence of life. Buy less stuff. Invest in… Continue reading 39 Guidelines I Strive to Live By

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Digital Detoxing: Why & How

Photo by on I’m grateful that I grew up without a phone in my pocket.   Life before the internet, social media, email, or apps galore was slower and more simple. Gratification was less instant. Photos had to be developed to be seen. Phones were plugged into the wall.   Today, it seems… Continue reading Digital Detoxing: Why & How

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Redefining Trash with Zero Waste Living

Nature produces no trash. The ultimate goal of zero waste is to move in the direction of nature. Instead of throwing stuff away thoughtlessly, all resources are absorbed fully back into the system. Zero waste means sending nothing to the landfill. This is accomplished by reducing our consumption to only what is needed, reusing as much as… Continue reading Redefining Trash with Zero Waste Living

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Nature is the best medicine.

Forest bathing, aka meandering in nature, is a practice, similar to and aligned with yoga, meditation and prayer. Developing a meaningful relationship with nature occurs over time, and the connection is deepened by returning frequently throughout the natural cycles of the seasons. Have you ever gone in the woods, not to hike but just to be? When was… Continue reading Nature is the best medicine.