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Writing Down the Chakras

Writing is an art, a gift, a practice. I practice and teach writing as taught by Natalie Goldberg in her numerous and fabulous books, primarily the classic, Writing Down the Bones. Her few, simple rules for writing include: keep your hand moving, don't reread (until after the writing session), don't edit, let go of control,… Continue reading Writing Down the Chakras

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On Blocking Negative Energy

The other day on the boat from San Pedro to Pana, I ran into this guy, a Mexican, a longtime resident of Lake Atitlan, a friend or former friend of many of my close friends. As we shared his last lancha ride across the beautiful lake he has called home for over 20 years, he… Continue reading On Blocking Negative Energy

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June 2014 Digest

Dearest Reader, Here are my posts this month on elephant journal. {Please read, comment and share as inspired!} Love & Namaste, Michelle 32 Years of Solitude. School of Rock: 88 Classic Songs All Kids Need to Hear. Only the Free Mind can be Creative. {Quote} 10 Daily Practices of Insane Awesomeness. How to Make Love… Continue reading June 2014 Digest

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101 Ways to Heal Your Chakras.

{Read the full version on elephant.} 1st Chakra Location: Root/base of the spine Sanskrit: Muladhara/”root support” Color: red Element: earth Issues: stability, survival, unity, identity, ego, birth, death Associated with: legs, feet, bones, adrenal gland, large intestine, teeth, spinal column Governs: perception of the physical world; motivation and intent, birth, work, money, eating, digestion Malfunction:… Continue reading 101 Ways to Heal Your Chakras.

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Help a Blogger Out

Michelle's August 2013 elephant journal digest Please click... and maybe even read... and maybe even comment on or share these articles... ideally by August 31, which is Saturday! Chakra of the month: August {root chakra} :::: The root chakra is your body’s security guard. You know when you get sick and literally feel like you are going to… Continue reading Help a Blogger Out

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Get Grounded—The Root Chakra

Welcome to the inaugural post of a 7-part, 7-month Yoga Freedom blog series, Chakra of the Month! Although August is nearly drawing to a close, I would like to introduce the root chakra as this month's energy center. The root chakra is your body's security guard. You know when you get sick and literally feel like… Continue reading Get Grounded—The Root Chakra