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Good morning Sunrise meditation Sitting or standing On the wooden planks of our little cabin's balcony Every morning the same yet different Notice the pastels in the sky Midday meditation There is no one right way to sit There is no one right way to practice Isn't everything practice, after all? Isn't everything life unfolding?… Continue reading Birdwatching

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Yoga, Heartfulness & Writing Retreat ~ January 21-28, 2017

What better time than now to recharge and rediscover balance, bliss and freedom in daily life? We’ll invite wisdom and love to guide our intention throughout the retreat in order to help expand our consciousness and center us in our hearts. Join us for a special time of renewal as we practice awareness and moment-to-moment… Continue reading Yoga, Heartfulness & Writing Retreat ~ January 21-28, 2017

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Chakra Chants: Seed Syllables & Vowel Sounds

Chanting and singing are a powerful and fun way to activate the throat chakra -- and to heal, align and balance all of our energy centers. See how the following sounds resonate with your 7 main chakra energy centers. Seed Syllables (All  rhyme with "mom".) Root Chakra: Lam Sacral Chakra: Vam Solar Plexus: Ram Heart:… Continue reading Chakra Chants: Seed Syllables & Vowel Sounds

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July/August 2016 Retreats!

I am super excited to be offering two yoga retreats this summer with my dear friend and fellow yoga teacher Paola at Villa Sumaya... Join us! Living from the Heart: Stress-Free Lifestyle July 2-9, 2016 Yoga, mindfulness, writing workshops. Nutrition, Ayurveda, Hikes and Healing Yoga, Mindfulness & the Transformation of Suffering August 13-20, 2016 Yoga,… Continue reading July/August 2016 Retreats!

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I am a Levitating Monkey!

Hello and happy Friday! Today, I am grateful for the dawn, the kindness of friends, a warm mug of tea, my body and its ability to walk, stretch and breathe, my family and the smiles of strangers. I was honored to have been interviewed last month by Anjula, the editor of a fantastic website with… Continue reading I am a Levitating Monkey!