Gratitude for All Seasons

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Gratitude is the fusion of happiness and awe.

By cultivating authentic gratitude, we wake up to the beauty of each moment—whatever it contains. All experiences and emotions are greeted with an open heart and we become indestructible warriors of love.

I was just in the United States, visiting home for Thanksgiving—celebrating that holiday in the US the first time in a decade. The longer I live in rural Guatemala, the more I drift from the busy busy lifestyle I used to lead in the States—and the more intense the reverse culture shock is when I return for visits.

Mostly, I felt overwhelmed and had to work to stay grounded and present. At the same time, I was grateful to spend time with my cherished family and dear old friends.

By practicing gratitude on a regular basis, we can each cultivate and express the natural warmth and loving kindness that dwells within our heart—connecting more deeply with ourselves and others.

We can also shift to a higher level of consciousness that sees learning opportunities in all situations, realizing that our state of mind determines the state of our lives. Scientific studies show that having an attitude of gratitude enhances our physical and mental health.

Keep reading for 7 reminders to assist you on the path of gratitude.


Become an Indestructible Warrior of Love

The majority of my yoga classes take place on a wooden platform jutting out over the shoreline, with a majestic view of the lake and the three volcanoes along the southern shore. (Shout out to Hostel del Lago in San Marcos La Laguna!)

In just about every practice I’ve led this year, I’ve been including pranayama and sound healing before final relaxation. Asana (postures) are important, but there is a depth of inner peace and transformation that is reached when pranayama and chanting are incorporated in daily practice.

Sometimes, we’ll do the consonant or vowel sounds for the crown, heart, and root chakras, in different orders depending on the day. Or, I’ll lead the students through the seed mantras for all seven of the main chakra points.

I always encourage people to join in with their voice if they feel comfortable, or just to listen, because I can clearly remember feeling freaked out by Sanskrit chanting at age 21.

I also love playing with the warrior syllables from Tibetan Buddhism. My beloved friend and yoga teacher, Paola, introduced them to me some months back in a sauna ceremony. They are amazingly powerful and beneficial.

The five warrior syllables are AOmHungRam, and Dza. Each represents a quality of realization.

Seed syllables contain the essence of enlightenment. It is subtle, not grandiose, this uncovering of the thick multitude of layers of conditioning. Yet, it empowers us to connect more and more with our true nature—pure awareness.

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Remember This

Up before the sun, and now the sun has risen
I am rooted, grounded, walking the line between content, complacent
Living the dream, returning to the nightmare
Life is but a dream, the nightmare is the suffering and while so many are suffering no one can truly be free
Time marches on, flies, keeps on keeping on and time stands still, sits still, lays down, dies

I sit up straighter, breathe in because I’ve been holding my breath
Laughter is the best medicine
Meeting brothers and sisters on the path, mentors and friends
My feet hurt but I can still walk
My hips are creaky but I can still move as I please
My mind is sharp and I can still travel with grace

It’s good to go
It’s good to come back
It’s good to be
For so much I am grateful.

First Light

We come from the light and dissolve back into the light.

How did I get here? I almost can’t remember. It feels so natural to wake up with or sometimes before the sun. To hear the birds and insects all day and night, the constant symphony of nature. Life in the forest is good, and there is wi-fi too and I am connected and earning money for stringing words and sentences together for clients and projects, living the freelance dream.

I am rooted, grounded, balanced and content here. I hear the blaring bad news from the North and South, and sometimes I tune into it and feel the immense pain and suffering from the oppressed, disempowered, beat down masses. I continue to study the ways of the East and shed the ways of the West, little by little. Ever becoming more galactic, less capitalist. More heart-centered, more minimalist instead of a collector.

Yet we will uproot ourselves though, soon, and take to the road. Visiting the very places from which the bad news emerges. Our hometowns. With many stops in between. Of course, there is bad news here in Central America. No shortage of it. Everywhere, corruption, crime, poverty, murder, massacre, unfairness, outrage. No place is immune.

Nevertheless. We will continue to travel along the path of beauty, exporting love and kindness in all directions for the highest good of all sentient beings.

Thank you, sunrise. Thank you, sunset. Thank you, everything in between. Thank you, friends. Thank you, family. Thank you, everyone.

Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May my thoughts, words and actions contribute to this happiness and freedom for all.