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Quiet Time

Blues and purples.Green season.A girl and her bubbles, paint and homemade play dough.Quiet days on the mountainside.Contentment.Hermitage.Casa de Yin Yang.Hanging out at home. Working at home. Playing at home.Restrictions are loosening. Curfew shortened. (But there is still a 9pm curfew.)Rules not enforced. Laws not followed.Emotions, feelings, moods, attitudes.Knowing the difference.Recognizing them for what they are.… Continue reading Quiet Time

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1606 Oakridge Drive

I'm feeling the nostalgia big time. Grieving a place. I'm happy for my parents and their new (to them), bigger house (with a pool) near Canyon Lake, TX, just an 80-mile drive from their old house (my house) where they'd lived since 1989, in the city of Round Rock. Yet I'm mourning the fact that… Continue reading 1606 Oakridge Drive

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The Sun Will Come Out

I am not black.I am not white.I am not Hispanic.I am not Chicana.I am not Catholic.I am not Christian.I am not Buddhist.I am not Muslim.I am not Jewish.I am not American.I am not a yogi.I am not a writer.I am not 40.I am not Asian.I am not Indigenous.Except aren't we all, ultimately? Indigenous?Except aren't we… Continue reading The Sun Will Come Out

Living from the Heart, Michelle's Memoir, wisdom quotes

3 Lessons to Learn by the Time you’re 40

{Read the full article on Elephant Journal} My 30s are speeding to an end; I’m turning 40 next week. My 30s have been marked by the marvels of motherhood and vicissitudes of a long-term partnership. The marriage of body, mind, and heart. Witnessing my precious daughter grow and blossom into the charming, clever, obstinate child she is… Continue reading 3 Lessons to Learn by the Time you’re 40

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Ode to My Thirties

I'm entering the last week of my thirties. This decade of my life has been lived entirely in Guatemala and charmed with abundant almost-annual international travels. Panama, El Salvador, Texas, New York, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, British Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia. My thirties have been most marked by the marvels of motherhood… Continue reading Ode to My Thirties

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A Better Adventure

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." ~Jimmy Dean What am I longing for? To inspiration to write a memoir of my thirties and the discipline to actually sit down and do it, day by day. What would it bring me? Connection with… Continue reading A Better Adventure