Guatemala, Hatha Yoga Practice, Karma yoga, New Paradigm in Practice

Fall Yoga & Writing Retreat!

October Retiro.png

We’ll get together, sit in a circle, breathe and stretch our bodies and imaginations.

We’ll share sacred space in this magical, mystical Mayan heartland.

We’ll write and let our streams of consciousness flow.

We’ll consume delicious, healthy, love-filled foods and drinks.

We’ll gather for ceremony, for practice, for synergy, for personal and collective growth and transformation.

We’ll let go of what no longer serves and invite in more of what we want in our lives.

We’ll fill our cups with self-love, compassion and extend the love and compassion out to the highest benefit of all beings.

In each breath, in each moment, in each word, in each pose, in each bite — is the opportunity to ground, to fly, to glow, to dwell in gratitude.

Are you ready to join the circle?

Learn more.

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