I love Mexicans.

My mom’s side of the family is Tex-Mex. They are a fun-loving, big-hearted, fierce and fabulous bunch of people. I also love Colombians, Guatemalans, Hondurans, El Salvadoreans, Nicaraguans, Costa Ricans, Panamanians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Chileans, Argentines, Uruguayans, Paraguayans, Belizeans, Bolivians, Cubans, Dominicans, Brazilians and Venezuelans–in other words, I love Latinxs!

My life has changed dramatically for the better since adopting many of the following ways of the Latinos.

Viva el amor! May this list be of benefit.

More affection

A looser definition of time

A slower pace of life

Natural fruit juices

Family love and togetherness

Hospitality and a stronger sense of community

Music and dancing in the street

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