Where is the Middle Way?


What we have here is a lack of union.

Extremes have become ultra polarized to the point of absurdity
The polar ice caps melting can’t be denied
Science isn’t a matter of belief

The government isn’t meant to be a two-party system and politics shouldn’t be what is has become: corporation ruled corrupt GREED

Martin Luther King, Jr said: “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” YET WE MUST CHOOSE LOVE OVER HATE

This is a dangerous time. Watch your step. Mind the gap. But, please. KEEP WORKING FOR THE GOOD

Are you on the edge? The left or the right? Can you see outside your narrow, conditioned point of view? No. TAKE A GIANT LEAP BACK

Be moderate. Take the Middle Path: ever the goal, ever the practice. Discovery of balance, presence, awareness. I must choose love over hate. I must recognize both goddess and god and remember that all of live is simply energy moving within and without us and all beings, whether we call it divine or buddhanature or the holyspirit, or not

This is a potent time. GIVE LOVE. BE LOVE. BREATHE LOVE.

Blessings from La Luna

We are creating our lives, moment to moment, day by day. Co-creating with the reality of all that is.

Experiencing experiences and also freely living, willful, mindful, loving, kind, making choices.

Embodying oneness and duality, masculine and feminine, darkness and light, paradox and truth.

Sitting at the train station, watching the wheels go round and round, observing. Getting on the right train to take you where you want to go.

Where do you want to go?

Where do you want to be?

Where will you set roots?

Where will you grow your garden?

Furthermore, the pink moon illuminates the spring.

The time has come to integrate all we’ve learned, which is learning, which is everything. Everything is learning, ongoing understanding, comprehension of the chaos, knowing and not knowing.

Something is coming to fruition, completion. Meanwhile. Something new is brewing, beginning, will sprout soon.


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