Blinked and it’s gone.
Twenty sixteen
So long
It’s been real
A year of growth and change
Learning, unlearning
Nature, sameness
Cacao heart opening serendipity
Falling autumn leaves
The Journey
Light traveling
A pilgrimage to spend time with friends and family
Our home: the lake
We are Water Protectors
Sound healing with Standing Rock
Political shock and dismay
Wake up calls
Waves of grace
Sentences forming
Dream manifest
Visions turning into reality, slowly, gradually
Jumping, twirling, dancing little girl
A happy family unit
Flourishing and flowing with the day-to-day
Goodbye twenty sixteen
Welcome twenty seventeen
Even though the Gregorian calendar is a human construct,
It’s an illusion we all agree upon.

This was my first year to study the Mayan calendar.
Today is 6 Batz (Monkey; Thread of Time)
Tomorrow 7 E (The Path)

Carpe diem.