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Ode to Good Dads

Good dads are patient. (My dad is patient. Unbelievably patient. Miraculously patient.)

Good dads are trustworthy. (I can tell him anything and know that he will respect my secrets.)

Good dads are wise and humble and playful and present with their children. (They know how to be childlike and curious.)

Good dads are flexible and strong. (Along with mom, they set the tone of the household.)

Good dads are balanced and dedicated. loving and affectionate.

Good dads really listen to their kids and strive to set healthy boundaries.

Good dads share their passions and hobbies. (My dad is a sailor. All my life, he has given me the simple joy of drifting over the water, gazing at the sunset and moving with the wind. He’s also a classic rock aficionado. He instilled in me an early love for good music.)

Good dads are accepting and unconditionally loving. (My dad is fantastically understanding and open-minded.)

Good dads give good advice. (In the context of relationships, “You have two jobs: getting mad and getting over it.”)

If, like me, you are fortunate to have a good dad (and know good dads), give him a hug today. Thank him with all your heart for being a good dad.  Tell him you love him.

I love you, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day.

1 thought on “Ode to Good Dads”

  1. Thank you Michelle! You said it well. Looking forward to your visit! Te amo, Aunt Margaret

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