My life has changed remarkably over the past seven years.

Seven years ago, I lived in Austin, Texas with electricity, indoor plumbing and central air and heating. I drove a car almost every day and ate plenty of foods from bags, cans, boxes and frozen boxes—in other words, your typical middle-class American life.

Then, life transported me to Guatemala.

Four years ago, I moved from the city (Guate) to the lake (Atitlán) and fulfilled my destiny of becoming a country mouse. Life slowed down immediately.

One year ago, the pace of my day-to-day life slowed down even more, when we moved across the lake to a tiny cabin in the woods. Suddenly we had no electricity, wifi, refrigerator, toaster oven or indoor bathroom. Our lives changed abruptly—by choice.

Read on for the four radical, eco and logical ways our family has gone green.