I used to make a lot more money than I do now.
Now, I am a million times happier.
I used to drive to work in rush hour traffic to sit a gray cubicle in a gray office building.
Now, I sit cross-legged on my balcony overlooking the trees and lake as I work.
I used to depend on credit cards.
Now, I pay cash.
I used to pay rent. Or a mortgage.
Now I own a tiny cabin on a couple acres in the woods.
I used to teach school.
Now I learn yoga from my three year old guru.
I used to be single and looking.
Now I am married and figuring out how that works, tinkering all the time.

I used to be small and fearful.
Now, I am embracing and expanding.

I used to work for the weekends.
Now, my soul is fulfilled, my heart is curious and my mind is present every day.