A glowing review with lots of excerpts from my chakra guidebook. Thank you, Lu!

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I am especially happy these days as I received a copy of one of the most comprehensive books I have ever read on understanding and healing the human body – Flow & Flower: How to Heal Your Chakras by  Michelle Margaret Fajkus.

You can find this book at LeanPub and you can read more about it and Michelle’s practices at YogaFreedom.

I like to think that more and more people are discovering ways to know themselves better, be it pure psychological tests and practices or maybe even ones that are toying with new age concepts and spirituality. This is the reason why I was very excited to read Michelle’s book. In my opinion, this guide is one of the most comprehensive explanations about the chakras and as a book, one of the most practical ones out there. You know how you read a book and it makes you…

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