Love Revolution #reverb15

December 1 — Encapsulate your 2015 in one word. Why that word? What would you like your word to be for 2016? Why?



Love is in the air, water, earth, fire.

Love is in the heart, mind, body, soul.

Love is the elements.

Love is being.

Love being.

Love all beings.

The revolution is now.

The revolution is love.

As the world revolves,

we bring the intention of love,

the action of love,

the words of love,

in every choice

in every response

in every moment.

Published by yogafreedom

Michelle Margaret Fajkus is a yoga teacher and freelance writer, editor and translator, as well as the creator of Yoga Freedom. She is a 30-something gringa Gemini in Guatemala where she lives with her family. Michelle learned yoga from a book at age 12 and found zen in California at 23. A native of Austin, Texas, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, swimming and lounging in hammocks.

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