What makes us who we are?

Our culture! And as the world becomes more interconnected, cultures mix, mingle and swirl to create sub-cultures and each of us arguably has a unique sub-sub-culture.

My (awesome) principal a few years ago introduced the culture wheel assignment to us teachers during the orientation/prep week prior to the beginning of the school year. It was an almost entirely new staff, and by drawing and writing about our own personal cultures—and then presenting them to the group and discussing them—we all got to know each other well and quickly formed strong bonds. In September, I asked my three co-homeschooled/fifth grade students to each create one of their own as well.

Here is an example:

Break down a circle (100%) into parts. (My example is in the photo above.)

Other categories could be sports, nature, cooking, language, religion, personality, humor, and so on. Then, write a brief essay explaining why you chose each category and assigned it the piece of the pie that you did.

What makes me me?

What is my personal culture?

What/who/where influences me and affect my day to day life?

How does it influence me?