Meet Berkeley.


Berkeley is a free-spirited five year old whose favourite animal is the Rainbow Snow Unicorn. She enjoys practicing gymnastics, riding unicorns and playing Uno. Last Halloween she dressed up as a mermaid riding a Rainbow Snow Unicorn.


She is also my niece who reminds me to see the world through rainbow coloured glasses (and not get caught in black and white thinking).

It is Berkeley’s unwavering belief in Rainbow Snow Unicorns that inspired this story:

COVER In Search of the Rainbow_front

In Search of the Rainbow: The Story of the Rainbow Snow Unicorn is a children’s story (and colouring book) about a horse’s journey to a rainbow.

Not feeling at home in a black and white world, a young black horse decides to leave her field of white snow to discover the rainbow she dreams of every day and night. Along the way, she adventures through various landscapes of red soil, orange flowers, yellow sunshine, green grass, blue water and purple crystals. Through each encounter with the natural world, she learns more about her own nature.

In Search of the Rainbow explores themes of friendship and belonging; nourishment and energy; relationship to self, others and nature; gratitude; wholeness and interconnectedness; the role of dreams and imaginations; identity, voice and self-expression.

Berkeley coloured the cover of this book (featuring the Rainbow Snow Unicorn wearing legwarmers). Inside, there are outlines for each reader to colour along and design his or her own version of the Rainbow Snow Unicorn.

In Search of the Rainbow is available through CreateSpace ($7.99 USD plus shipping).  It will also be available in the EnlightenEd bookstore in PDF for easy printing ($1.99) by the end of April.

g3471May we all remember the rainbow.