amaranth_mayo_indian_LRGHave you tried amaranth?

Here’s why you should! The super food is:

> high in protein, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins A and D
> effective in immediately controlling malnutrition in the region
> high fiber content (3 times more than wheat seed)
> nourishing & high in unsaturated oils, omega 6 and 3
> full of 150 essential amino acids
> known to contain about 30% more protein than rice, sorghum & rye
> resistant to glyphosate, the chemical used on GMO Round Up Ready seeds

maya girlsSupport Maya Women Sustainable Farmers of Amaranth!

Asociación Mujeres Oxlajuj E, is a Maya women’s group in Sololá (in the western highlands of Guatemala) made up of sustainable family farmers defending their lands against recent commercialization and the promotion of GMO monocropping for export, as well as rising malnutrition in their families and communities due to less biodiverse and natural foods in their diets.

The Mujeres Oxlajuj E association has over 100 female farmers who grow up to 15 acres of amaranth collectively. They run a store and bakery that sells amaranth-based drinks, ice cream, cakes, cookies, popcorn and flour, as well as organic, homemade shampoo, pesticides and fertilizers.

For approximately $3,000, we can build them an inexpensive and much-needed thresher, which will cut down their work by 15 hours per acre. One machine can save the women more than 200 hours of labor preparing their product, radically increasing their production capacity.

Learn more or donate!

Published by yogafreedom

Michelle Margaret Fajkus is a yoga teacher and freelance writer, editor and translator, as well as the creator of Yoga Freedom. She is a 30-something gringa Gemini in Guatemala where she lives with her family. Michelle learned yoga from a book at age 12 and found zen in California at 23. A native of Austin, Texas, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, swimming and lounging in hammocks.

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