A New Initiative for a New Paradigm: EnlightenEd!

Hi there! Just 17 days into the new year, and already it seems like so much has happened. I hope your year has gotten off to a great start.

I’m excited to announce a new initiative I recently launched with a friend, colleague and former co-teacher. It’s called EnlightenEd, and it’s an online community that creates and shares resources to help education evolve into a new paradigm of conscious learning.

Why? Because it is time for the educational system to evolve… or be replaced by innovative methods that make use of common sense. Rather than allowing learners to discover and create in new ways, students are being prepared for (and forced to fit into) a rapidly changing world, a rapidly changing unsustainable society in which “progress” is impeding the natural learning process.

So what’s our end goal? Well, we are aiming for nothing short of utopia!

But, in the short term, we hope to help evolve education, meaning we hope to provide opportunities for learners to evolve through education, one activity or one breath at a time.

EnlightenEd logo

Thanks in advance for your support and collaboration!

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