How to Live Your Yoga: Simplest Meditation Instructions, Ever.


How to Meditate (a poem)

In the morning
(Or anytime)
Wake up
And then—
Just sit
Or stand
But be still and quiet
Notice the now
Notice how the mind wanders, and where

All the time. All over the place. Everywhere and nowhere. Empty and full at once. A silly monkey. A bumbling puppy. A mirror. The ocean. This is the mind.

To the back then or the what-if

The past and the future. Any time but the present. Memories, plans. Nostalgia, aspirations. Regrets, expectations. Judgment. Sit and notice your mind without getting involved.

Come back to the breath
Keep sitting
Keep breathing
For the duration of a stick of lavender incense? Or a steamy mug of chamomile with honey? Or a song?
For one breath in and one breath out.

And another and another and another
oh how grateful i am for this life for this breath
thank you god for this day and this life

Rise up and go on about your crazy day
Carry the benefits with you
The calm, kind presence
The mindfulness
When anger arises,

When fear arises, when hatred arises, when ego flares up and shouts i am the best (or) i am the worst—when insanity arises—come back to the breath

This goes for formal meditation and daily live experiences alike

Give the merits away
Dedicate your efforts to the benefit of all beings

Press the palms together, look up at the blue sky, feel your connection to the green earth, bow forward and love

This is how we live our yoga
This is how we live our dharma


Published by yogafreedom

Michelle Margaret Fajkus is a yoga teacher and freelance writer, editor and translator, as well as the creator of Yoga Freedom. She is a 30-something gringa Gemini in Guatemala where she lives with her family. Michelle learned yoga from a book at age 12 and found zen in California at 23. A native of Austin, Texas, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, swimming and lounging in hammocks.

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