My BIG NEWS of the month (and year and decade!) is that… drumroll, please… I wrote a book!

If you’d like to buy Yoga Schmoga: a spiritual memoir/manifesto, it’s available here on a sliding scale from $8-12.

If you would like to review it, use the coupon code “ReviewCopy” to download the book for free.

Here are my most popular articles of the month on elephant journal:

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13 Simple, Everyday Ways to Do Yoga (Besides Asana). Asana kicks ass, but there are plenty of other easy ways to bring yoga off the mat and into our daily lives.

How I Learned to Let Worry Float By. Being conscious about our to-do list obsessiveness is important as well. We know the top three things we need to do today. Do we really need to write them down and check them off? Probably not.