The Power of Not-Knowing and the Paradox of Faith


There is great power in not-knowing, in returning relentlessly to Beginner’s Mind. The piles of knowledge we accumulate can be such a burden as they so often harden into stoic judgments, inflexible opinions and bitter attitudes. This is why it’s so refreshing to spend time with children; kids are naturally open, pure and curious. For us grown-ups, being truly open to the experience of the moment is quite momentous, and it’s as simple as taking a deep, conscious breath.

My spiritual-but-not-religious yoga friends, let us remember that there is depth in faith. Faith is trusting life despite the fact that the universe is complex beyond our comprehension. Faith is saying, “I don’t know, and that’s okay.” Faith as a concept has been usurped by religion, its true meaning undermined by constant connection to dogma and doctrines. We the secular have a right to faith, too. To paraphrase Alan Watts–belief clings; faith lets go.

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