By W. F., grade 8 student

Everyone that is reading this. You are fortunate. Every day. Every minute someone dies due to dirty water and food. But we have people clean that water for us, we have people clean that food for us. Can you imagine dirty water and dirty food? Now can you imagine drinking that brown water with bacteria and animals in it? Every day people have to walk miles and miles just to get a little bit of water.

How about living in a house without a roof? Their houses are made out of rope and rusty panels.

80% of resources are used by 20% of people. Shocking.

There are over 7 billion people in this world and only 20% of those people have clean water and food. Only 20% of people with actual houses. Only 20% with electricity. Only 20% with education.

Most people don’t know these facts and some people are just too selfish to share. Our only worry is when we will have 300 friends on facebook. They worry about surviving. Some people only live on $2.00 a day. We eat off $25.00 a day.

But there are charities that help this stuff. Only $20.00 can help give clean water to a village. There are many different charities and fundraisers you can donate to that will help this cause.