One thought on “December 18 – Amistad (Friendship)

  1. yogafreedom December 20, 2011 / 21:30

    I’m blessed with a flock of inimitable friends, and one of my fortes is keeping in touch with friends even after we’ve parted ways or moved cities. I’m going to describe Amanda here, one of my best friends from college, because I just spent a few days with her in her new abode, New Orleans! We’ve been bosom buddies since living on the same hallway of our dorm at UT in 1998. She is naturally stylish, creative, compassionate, outdoorsy, particular and has infectious giggles. Amanda loves chimpanzees (she got to know 120 of them well by working at a chimp sanctuary for three years), is vehement about the musical talent of Michael Jackson, crafts recycled art, shuns social media and still listens to cassette tapes. She’s delightful.

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