December 9 – Listo (Resourcefulness)

How resourceful were you in 2011? What new ways could you incorporate resourcefulness into 2012?
(Special thanks to Heidi Johnson for providing today’s prompt.)
“What you seek, exists within you. Every resource you need is available to you.” ~Marcia Wieder

Published by yogafreedom

Michelle Margaret Fajkus is a yoga teacher and freelance writer, editor and translator, as well as the creator of Yoga Freedom. She is a 30-something gringa Gemini in Guatemala where she lives with her family. Michelle learned yoga from a book at age 12 and found zen in California at 23. A native of Austin, Texas, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, swimming and lounging in hammocks.

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  1. I got my nonprofit, Compass Yoga, up and running while continuing to work full-time. I found partners, free space, free legal counsel to incorporate, and free ways to market our classes effectively online. It was amazing to see how much we could do for $0!

  2. I think working as a writer and creative entrepreneur who lives in a farming hamlet helps me innately be resourceful in order not just to survive but to thrive. Farmers find a hundred uses for whatever materials they have in the barn. So do sculptors. So do entrepreneurs. So, in 2011 I maintained my inner resources – my meditation & YAM practices – but I also grew my outer resources. I fed my friendships. I fed my partnership with my wife. The YAM Tribe teems with resourceful energy and ideas.

    And for 2012, I think Christa speaks to one of our business aims: Grow the team. We’re analyzing duties, defining job accountability matters, and seeking people to fill part-time positions.

    Thanks, Heidi, for the prompt.

  3. I drew from my inner resources of creativity, strength, flexibility and focus as I sought to maintain balance in my life this year. In the coming year, I’d like to call more on my outer resources… friendships, relationships, community, collaboration!

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