December 7 – Tranquilo (Calm)

Sometimes the most beautiful, memorable moments are also the quietest. What quiet, beautiful moment do you recall?
(Special thanks to Jeffrey Davis for providing today’s prompt.)
I’m a lucky girl; my most quiet, beautiful moment this year lasted a whole week! I spent the first eight days of August at a Shambala Buddhist meditation center in Rosendale, New York. It’s two hours from Manhattan, in the Hudson River Valley. I was there completing an immersion course as part of the Yoga as Muse Facilitator Training. The most quiet, beautiful moments of that amazing week of creativity, learning, practicing and growing came during my daily walks in the woods each morning. The green canopy surrounding me, I pranced down the path, listening to Death Cab for Cutie on my iPod some days, listening to the sounds of nature other days. I absorbed the woods. Nothing like quiet tranquility surrounded by natural beauty. It was such a wonderful week.
“Live simply and take life more easily. Happiness lies in giving yourself time to think and to introspect. Be alone once in a while, and remain more in silence.” ~Yogananda

4 thoughts on “December 7 – Tranquilo (Calm)”

  1. I grew up right near Rosendale – it is indeed a beautiful place!

    I had several dreams this year that were very vivid memories for me and spurred a lot of creativity. Their messages were exactly what I needed to hear but were quite unexpected. In one, I was in a very dark room and heard one lone soft voice that said to me “you have more options than you think you have.” The other dream was about an interview I was having for a job at the New York Times for an assistant position. I rose from the table, picked up my bag, and said “Thank you, Mr. Keller, but I’m not interested in being anyone’s assistant.”

    These dreams were signals to me that it is time for me to take the leap and start my own organization.

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