December 31 – Fiesta (Celebration)
What are you celebrating today? What will you celebrate in 2012?
December 30 – Karuna (Compassion)
What compassionate actions do you aspire to in the coming twelve months?
December 29 – Poesía (Poetry)
Write a poem. It doesn’t have to rhyme.
December 28 – Agradecimiento (Gratitude)
What eleven things were you grateful for in 2011?
December 27 – Metta (Lovingkindness)
To whom do you wish to send metta? 
December 26 – Seva (Service)
How did you serve in 2011? Do you plan to volunteer in 2012?
December 25 – Milagro (Wonder)
Illustrate your own personal wonderland — real or imagined. What’s the weather like? Who else is there with you? Use vivid detail.
December 24 – Regalo (Gift)
What was the most cherished gift you received this year? What were the most thoughtful gifts you gave?
December 23 – Karma (Action)
Actions speak louder than words. What daily actions will you take this year? How will you start your fresh January mornings?
December 22 – Sukkha (Happiness)
Where did you encounter sweetness in 2011?
December 21 – Dukkha (Misery)
What was the low point of your year? How did you heal and move forward?
December 20 – Tapas (Heat)
What stoked your creative fire this year? What did your discipline enable you to achieve and/or create?
December 19 – Drishti (Seeing)
What is your vision for your spiritual practice in 2012? How do you see yourself achieving it?
December 18 – Amistad (Friendship)
Describe your best friend(s) from elementary school, high school, college, and/or the present.
December 17 – Bhakti (Devotion)
What did you devote yourself to in 2011? How will you devote your energy in the coming year?
December 16 –  Viaje (Trip)
Where did you travel this year? What was your best trip?
December 15 – Acharya (Scholar)
What did you study this year? What did you learn? What did you teach?

December 14 – Jnana (Self-knowledge)
Name something you did that was completely out of character. How did it feel?

December 13 – Sabio (Wisdom)
What lesson or piece of wisdom did you learn from a child this year? Did it surprise you?

December 12 – Libro (Book)
What book did you read in 2011 that was most inspirational? Why?

December 11 – Gracias (Thanks)
Appreciation and acknowledgement are corner stones to building trust and deepening relationships. Write a thank you note or poem to someone who impacted your life in 2011.

December 10 – Ananda (Joy)
A positive frame of mind is a habit. How have you silenced the propaganda factory of negativity with positive thought and behavior in your life in 2011? How has this changed your day-to-day being?
December 9 – Listo (Resourcefulness)
How resourceful were you in 2011? What new ways could you incorporate resourcefulness into 2012?
December 8 – Dharma (The Path)
Wandering can be good for the over-focused creative. How did you wander well this year?

December 7 – Tranquilo (Calm)
Sometimes the most beautiful, memorable moments are also the quietest. What quiet, beautiful moment do you recall?

December 6 – Salud (Health)
What did you do for your body’s benefit this year?
December 5 – Sueño (Dream)
What was your dream come true in 2011? What is your wildest dream for 2012?
December 4 – Guru (Teacher)
What was the most important lesson you learned about yourself in 2011? Was it a sudden epiphany or a gradual realization?
December 3 – Anicca (Impermanence)
What did you let go of this year? Whom did you let go?
December 2 – Sangha (Tribe)
Where have you discovered community in 2011? What are the defining characteristics and essential qualities of your tribe?
December 1 – Palabra (Word)
Encapsulate your 2011 in one word. Why that word? What would you like your word to be for 2012? Why?