chakras, Poetry, Writings

Authentic Alignment

Take a deep breath
Step onto this diving board
This rectangular springboard into the muddy waters
Where the lotus grow
Lift your arms
Lift your toes
Lift them up to the lord

Take a deep breath
The blood red lotus blossoms
At the spine’s base
Breath balloons all sides of your heart
You are secure

Take a deep breath
Brilliant orange petals open
In the pelvic bowl
Here sits the sacred sensual self
What do you desire?

Take a deep breath
A burst of light
A sunshiny lotus
Powerfully heats
What drives you

Take a deep breath
Into your heart
Green calm compassion. Consider:
Every being was once your mother
Cultivate devotion to all beings.

Take a deep breath
An electric blue blossom
Unfurls at your throat
Release the tension from your teeth
Share to receive

Take a deep breath
Grow taller
Connect earth and sky, sun and moon
Close your eyes
Indigo petals shimmer between brows
Intuit your truth

Take a breath
Deeper still
The ultimate violet lotus appears
Die with each exhale
And be born again

With each inhale
There’s just you, me, this, now
On this mat
On this earth

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