Dharma Teachings

You can’t take away my dharma.

Someone scratched the Dharma Yoga sticker off my car last weekend. Ironically, I think it happened while the car was  parked at the Earth Lodge, where I was giving a two-day yoga retreat.

This is my life: I’m in love with no one. My dog dies. I get into car accidents, and to top it off, someone scrapes the Buddha sticker off my goddamn car.

Or, this is my life: what a dream! I teach a lot of yoga and writing. I share what little I know about yoga and meditation with amazing people in beautiful places overlooking awesome volcanoes. I have a car, regardless of how dented and stickerless it may be. I get around.

So, you know what? I don’t even care what happens to me. I have faith in dharma. I trust truth. And I love life. No matter what.

So bring it on, people who scratch stickers off other people’s cars. Do your worst.

You can’t take away my dharma.

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