a poem of thanksgiving

Thank you, sun, for rising in the east, warming my brown skin.

Thank you, lungs, for filling with air, even when I am sleeping soundlessly.

Thank you, eyes, for seeing and blinking and winking.

Thank you, toes, for balancing, for rooting me to this place.

Thank you, spine, for aligning, for giving me height, for letting me stand here now.

Thank you, silly and productive, fleeting and fearsome thoughts and feelings, for passing by my blue sky.

Thank you, Buddhas, for enlightening humanity, one grain of sand at a time.

Thank you, smiling stranger, for breaking my heart open, for whisking away my woe, for sharing your sparkle.

Thank you, farmers, for your harvests. Thank you, Earth, for sustaining us all another day.

Thank you, dear friend, for reading!