To practice this transformative visualization meditation, sit cross legged or lie down on your back and deepen your breath. Lengthen your spine and let go of all tension and worries.

Close your eyes and visualize a warm glowing light at the base of your spine. As you continue breathing with awareness, filling your lungs completely and feeling your belly rise on the inhale, visualize the light moving upward along your spine. Exhale fully after each inhalation.

Imagine that this light represents your true self, your divine nature. See the light move up through each vertebrae, from the red root to the orange pelvic bowl to the yellow solar plexus to the green heart, the blue throat and all the way up to the violet crown of the head via the indigo blue third eye.

Continue visualizing the light traveling up and down your spine as long as desired. Finally, release all visual images and sit quietly for a few moments. Relax and feel the compassion that resides deep within your heart.