I Am Peace: Mantra Meditation

Inhale: “I am”

Exhale: “Peace”
Feel a sense of calmness fill your body. Relax your face and shoulders. Find an area where you can let go of tension.

Inhale: “I am”
Exhale: “Peace”
Life often moves more slowly than we’d like it to. Cultivate a sense of patience and rememember, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Inhale: “I am”
Exhale: “Peace”
Lengthen your spine. Connect with your inner and outer poise. Allow thoughts to pass by like clouds in the sky. Try not to attach to them or push them away. Deepen your breath.

Inhale: “I am”
Exhale: “Peace”
Really *feel* the sensation of your breath as it flows in and out through your nose. The breath is what keeps you alive; the awareness of the breath is what keeps you anchored in the present moment. Feel a sense of gratitude for every single breath.


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